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Eclipse faucets are crafted of solid, cast stainless steel, unlike most faucets. Our quality is apparent not only in the weight and feel of our faucets, but it’s also built into the part you can’t see – the interior. Unlike Eclipse solid stainless construction, a faucet lined with rough, inferior materials such as copper, brass or even plastic collect all the impurities in your water and can cause lead emissions. You want a faucet that will provide years of beauty and worry-free functionality. You deserve an Eclipse.

F7-A Tara
JJ-1 Fontein Alta
KPS3029C Shasta
KPS3030 Cascade
KPS3030M Hampton
KPS3031 Niagara
KPS3032 Pacifica
KPS3032C May
KPS3033 Sebastopol
KPS3033C Clarkson
KPS3034 Poseidon
KPS3035 Sacramento